Staining Instead Of Painting Your Patio

Staining your concrete patio is a terrific way to make it more inviting to your guests. There are many stain colors available to choose from such as varying shades of brown, blue, or even green. You will have one of those patios that people comment on as it will be unlike most they have seen.

Staining your concrete patio is a much better alternative to painting it. The stain will penetrate the surface so it won't peel at all. Paint is different in that it merely sits on top of the surface and is more prone to peel over time. Additionally, paints will become slippery when covered in water or mud, raising safety concerns. Similar to staining a deck, concrete patios must be periodically re-stained as the stains fade and lose effectiveness after 5 years or so.

One of the best stains to use on your patio is acid based. You need to be a little more of a do it yourselfer when using these, preferably someone with prior experience applying stains. The acid based stain will actually cause a chemical reaction and attach itself to the surface. It will become part of the concrete, giving it the most longevity of any of these methods.

Another good staining method is one that uses a water based solution. It is alot easier to install on your concrete which explains why it is also the most popular. It simply attaches itself to the patio and will give off water as it becomes dry. This makes it better for the environment as no chemicals are expelled in the process. The downside to this is that it is generally more sensitive to harsh weather conditions and won't last as long.

Before beginning the staining process you need to make sure the concrete is completely free of any grease or oil. This will give the stain the best chance of adhering to the patio. You can use a power washer and soap if needed to get everything off. As soon as it dries you can start the application process.

Concrete staining is a wonderful way to maintain your patio and keep it protected from the elements. It is easy enough to do for the average homeowner and will last for an average of five years. There are many colors to choose from to give your patio just the right amount of shading you desire.

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