Patio Shade Canopies - We've Got You Covered

No matter where you live, there are going to be times when you need a little extra protection from the elements to fully enjoy your deck or patio. Awnings and patio shade canopies are another easy addition that can help you maximize your enjoyment of your home.

What's the Difference? - The three most common types of shelter you will see are umbrellas, awnings, and canopies.

Umbrellas - Whether it is the umbrella you keep in your car or on with your golfbag for those sudden shows, an umbrella is the most common form of protection from the sun or rain. The problem is that it only provides a small area of protection which can vanish in a strong gust of wind.

Awnings - An awning is simply a large area of material that is used to provide shade and/or rain shelter. Typically, these attached directly to the home or deck (or the side of an RV) and may be retractable.

Canopies - A canopy (or gazebo) is much like a tent with no sides. It is portable, free-standing, and can provide protection from sun and rain (or even wind and bugs in more advanced models)

Which one should I choose? - Your choice should be governed by your weather conditions and how you intend to use your deck.

Awnings are great if you plan to use your patio or deck frequently and need protection from sun and/or rain. They typically will provide the maximum coverage area for your deck or patio and some motorized models can be extended or retracted as necessary with the push of a button. On the negative side, they are usually not portable and often will sacrifice style for functionality.

Umbrellas usually offer protection from the sun but don't function particularly well in more severe weather conditions where rain and wind combine. They can however provide a nice accent touch to your patio furiture and a comfortable shade level in milder conditions.

Patio shade canopies are perfect if you want to balance the need for protection from the elements, the flexibility to take it with you, and a bit of style. Basic models provide shade and shelter from mildly wet weather. Other sturdier models can provide added protection in the form of side walls to shelter from wind driven rain - visit any street festival or carnival and you are likely to see these everywhere. Many models designed for home use have optional mesh enclosures for those who don't appreciate insect visitors to their picnic.

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