Deck Railing Lights - A Shining Example

As with any DIY home repair project, it's the finishing touches that really stand out. The basic post lantern or floodlight can provide plenty of light but the simple addition of deck railing lights can add atmosphere. Whether it is for romantic evenings or for entertaining friends and family this is a project that can enhance the enjoyment of your deck for years to come.

Important Safety Tip: When placing these or any electrical lighting system in an area exposed to moisture (i.e, pool, patio, deck, garden...) make sure that system is designed for those conditions and installed correctly - electricity and water do not mix!

Post Cap Lights - A post cap light replaces your traditional railing post caps with a low voltage lamp. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are available at most hardware/garden shops. While these can be used on every post it is more common to place them at the corner locations on a deck. Longer railing can have additional lamps added as necessary.

Wall Lights - Since you rarely will have a railing along the side of your house, you may want to consider a wall mounted light to supplement your other deck railing lights selection. You will want to select a style that compliments your railing lights without while maintain the atmosphere you are trying to create. Most importantly, select a style which will not provide a glaring light on the deck.

Under Railing Lights - Another popular option are deck railing lights which are mounted beneath the railing deck. These typically low voltage lights mount beneath the railing providing pleasant, indirect lighting. This type of lighting can be used on your stair railings as well to provide an additional accent and safety measure.

Path Lights - If you have a deck or patio at ground level you may want to consider adding path lights to accent the approach to your patio and/or the landscaping surrounding it. These types of lights can be either the traditional low voltage variety or can be the solar/battery powered type. These are a great option for areas where you may not have a railing, post, or wall handy to mount lights to.

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