DIY Home Repair Analysis - I Think I Can...

It is not surprising how often this simple phrase is uttered only to be followed quickly by an expensive service call to a professional contractor. Repairs and projects often look easy when you watch somebody else do them but that is usually because they have done it a few times. The key to deciding whether or not to do it yourself is to honestly assess your level of skill and comfort with the project to be completed. Take the time to do diy home repair analysis of your project.

If you have never used a torch to sweat a copper pipe joint before (or have no idea what that statement means) then re-plumbing your entire house might be a bit ambitious. If you are not familiar with the difference between the colored wires in an outlet then rewiring your bathroom may not be a job for you. Remember, the object is to do it yourself to save time and money, not to create expensive projects for your local contractors. If you have guests coming over in an hour or two it might not be a good time to install a new faucet.

Your analysis should include the following questions you get out your toolbox.

Have I ever done this type of repair before?

Have I ever seen this type of repair done before?

Do I know anybody who has done this before?

Does it need to be repaired right now?

What if I cannot finish the job once I have started it?

Do I have the special plumbing tools I may need?

Do I have the supplies I need?

Do I have the skills I need?

Do I have the time I need?

How complex is this job?

How much will it cost?

Will it make a mess?

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